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Open at 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm Daily

Tumbleweeds Bar And Grill

A great place in Huntington Beach for Dancing, Drinking, and Eating


The Tumbleweeds story started back in 1971, before the establishment even existed, when a man opened up the restaurant “Endless Summer” (named after the classic, world-renowned surf film of the same name). Not long after, however, the owner pulled out of the restaurant business to become a surfboard manufacturer, and the establishment changed hands to become “The Jetty.” While “The Jetty” fared a little bit better than its predecessor, it eventually befell the same fate of poor revenue and closed down. It seemed the amazing property was doomed to bad fate and it sat vacant for a time, until one day, the Tumbleweeds management staff drove by and noticed its dark doors.

They immediately fell in love with the place and its potential, imagining the perfect, western-themed establishment: A casual place, not too expensive, with live blues bands, wood everywhere, and sawdust on the floors.

Nine months later, Tumbleweeds was born.

Over the years, Tumbleweeds has kept true to its original vision, and the bar/restaurant continues to be family owned & operated. Located in Huntington Beach, a little outside of the Main Street area, Tumbleweeds has been around for close to 20 years; However, the things they prided themselves on when they first opened their doors, they still pride themselves on today.

Tumbleweeds is a cozy place that is down to earth relaxation at its finest. It is still the best place in Huntington Beach to watch or play the game (darts and billiards), and has seen some spectacular shows come through its doors: Tijuana Dogs, Walter Trout, and James Harmon are just a few of the acts who have spent time on the Tumbleweeds stage. Only the most delicious food comes out of their kitchen, and the live music is so good that even the neighbors don’t mind when the building is shaking.

For some amazing stories and an even greater time, Tumbleweeds is the place to go.

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